Plurk Party Recap

22 Dec

My RL is so busy lately.. It’s been go go go and by the time I get to sit down, I am exhausted and I just shutdown. So I haven’t had a chance to mention how the Plurk Party went!

Overall I thought it was a lot of fun. I got to meet some people off my Plurk friend list who were awesome (Shout out to Keilly :P). If I were to do it again (which I may) I would pick a more UK friendly time. It never even occurred to me when I picked the time originally, and I apologize but if there’s a next time I will definitely consider more time zones!

All Pics are unedited, and there’s not very many. I just waned to share about the party.  Now back to my crazy life. Are the Holidays over yet? I need a nap :D

Ciao For Now,

Kaila T.


It’s All A Little Blurry

17 Dec

Let’s just say last night is a little blurry. 

Top :[P]:-Snowflake Outfit
Jeans -tb- Juju Jeans
Hair [e] Vivid
Skin [ Al Vulo! ] – [ May ] –

Plurk Party!!

16 Dec

First ..if you have a Plurk, add me :D

Now that I got that out of the way..

Earlier today I thought to myself “wow my Plurk friends are pretty awesome, I bet they are just as cool in SL!!” (yes I talk very excitedly to myself .. it keeps life interesting) so as I continued with my thought I came up with an idea … A PLURK PARTY.

Brilliant right? I thought so. It’s prob been done in some way, some form before .. but I didn’t hear about it so I’m doing it as well.

Anyways ..invite your friends, Plurk the invite to share with everyone. Lets make this the best party ever!

The ever so talented Izerai Doune will be providing the musical entertainment for the evening. That’s reason enough to come!

Hope to see you all there!

The Party will be held at:

Don’t go there until the party though.. no fun will be happening yet and others live on the land, they may eject you :)

Hello There

16 Dec

I keep getting different idea for blogs I want to do, but I couldn’t fully decide how I wanted to do it, what I wanted it to entail .. blah blah blah. I’ve gone from the idea of having another fashion blog, a music blog, and then a blog featuring different people all over SL. I love all these ideas, just not one more than the other. So I decided to say fuck it.. and make a “All Things SL” blog.

So basically this blog is going to contain Fashion, Music, People (designers, builders, musicians, ect ect..) , and Anything else I want to feature about my lovely SL life.

Any input from you one what you want to see on here would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I’ll just do my thing and hope you enjoy :)

Check out the “About” page.. It’s nifty.

Ciao For Now,

Kaila T.